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Financial Parameters

  1.   $10 - $100 million of revenue

  2.   $2 - $10 million of annual cash


  1.   3+ years of continuous profitability


  1.   Owner seeking growth capital

  2.   Owner seeking increased 
        management capabilities

  3.   Owner of high growth business
        seeking to diversify personal net

  4.   Owner seeking an experienced
        board of directors

Industry Criteria

  1.   Large and growing market

  2.   Technology-enabled

  3.   Industries of particular


Business Attributes

  1.   Growth potential

  2.   Recurring revenue streams

  3.   High customer retention

  4.   Sustainable competitive advantage

  5.   Asset and working capital light

  1.   SaaS / Niche Software

  2.   E-Commerce

  3.   Healthcare Services

  4.   Merchant Processing

Investment Focus

Pylon Capital is focused on high growth, technology-enabled service companies. We seek companies with a history of profitability that operate in large growing industries and that have differentiating characteristics. Pylon Capital looks to deploy management guidance and expertise along with investment, and will approach every opportunity with a focus on continuity and value creation. 

Interested owners should have businesses that satisfy most of the following criteria:

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Investment Focus

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