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Pylon Capital has a unique structure that offers founders an attractive alternative to traditional equity partners. Unlike private equity firms or strategic acquirers, Pylon Capital does not have a prefabricated timeline or mandated investment policy. We will work with founders to craft a custom deal that positions the company to achieve the founder’s vision, while providing the financial resources needed to take the company to the next level.

Some specific advantages of working with Pylon Capital include:

Honest Negotiation

We are solely focused on investing in successful businesses and working with existing owners and management. Building a relationship with the founders is of utmost importance to Pylon Capital, and it begins with honest negotiation during the investment process. Unlike many private equity firms, we will not enter negotiations on false premises.

Flexible Deal Structure

We do not have a mandated deal structure. Instead, we will customize the acquisition to accommodate the goals of the founders. Owners may remain active in the ongoing management of the company, and can have the flexibility to retain significant equity in the business.

Long-Term Focus

We are long-term investors and value continuity, stable employee relations, and strong community standing. We appreciate the existing workforce and believe that investing in long-term employee development is a key aspect of business growth.  

Personal Relationship

Pylon Capital is comprised of entrepreneurs looking to grow the business. Founders will have the opportunity to develop a personal relationship with the managers of Pylon Capital, and to create a shared vision for the future of the company. Unlike strategic acquirers, we are not looking to fundamentally reshape the business or personnel. We are seeking to grow the business organically.

Benefit to Business Owners

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For Business Owners

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